Awaiting the Answer

by Awaiting the Answer

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released April 28, 2016



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Awaiting the Answer Winnipeg, Manitoba

Awaiting the Answer is a metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada formed in 2015.


Dave McDougall - Vocals

Aaron Davis - Guitar

Kevin Toporowsky - Guitar

Mike Smalley - Bass

Jordan Cielen - Drums
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Track Name: No Innocence
Rage feeds pain like hollow thoughts
Through it all I’m so lost
Call me out, throw me down

If I lose all control will you still cry for me?
If I’m the one who suffers, can’t you be the one to bleed?
Conflictions in my heart will bear down on my brain
So many times I’ve felt that I’m alone and I’m insane
Can you confront your anger? You’re not the only one
What damage have you seen? What damage have you done?

One day I might learn
No point in falling back
This time I won’t stand down
And watch my city burn

This time I’ve gone too far
No innocence in this
This ever changing war
Is brought down by the fist

I’ll fight without emotion, I’ll leave it all behind
My vision loses focus, inner strength I will find
This situations building, destructions raining down
Another countdown to the moment when I can’t be found
No armor on my body, no fear inside my heart
I’m just a man that’s done what he has needed from the start
Track Name: Methods Unspoken
Over the waves used to reach us they cover the truth that we seek
Smother the flames as we fight for our brothers we never believed

I never conceived the notion to follow what I always heard
These nations controlled by devotion will bend till they’re broken down
Our own beliefs are being force fed to us through a screen
Until we search for ourselves we’ll never know what this means

Running this system of defect is forcing the crime rate to rise
Closing the product you’re pushing is coming so run for your lives

Don’t fall for the methods unspoken
Stand up the truth has awoken
Speak out until you are choking
Don’t fall for the methods unspoken

Counting the days ‘till our freedom is nothing
But words on a page
We aren’t thinking for ourselves
We’re being programmed for something else

We’ll never move forward without the conscience to do what is right
Announcements will break through our homes telling us all not to fight
We’ll demonstrate all that we can to let them know we won’t obey
These methods they use to deceive will be brought to light for today

All we see is what they show
What we need is steady growth
Track Name: Lakes of Stone
Lakes of stone stop the flow of my dreams to my home
Trees of sand fall away from the woods to the road
Skies of ash drift inside of the storm in my mind

I will bleed
I will find

Fields of coal break my patience
With the world I know
Hills of lies pile up
In my mind throughout time

Flood the prairies and drown my home
Drain the life from the ones who rise
Under the wind a flame will catch
Don’t mistrust the waters

Trails of dust lead me back to the start of it all
Stained in rust torn apart and it’s all gonna fall
Cased in glass from my memories of last moments past
Track Name: Into the Grave
So many have lit the way, which path do we take?
Memories begin to fade, pinch me…am I awake?
Our vision blinds us from living day to day
When will we rise and when will we break?

Will we wait?
Can we stay?
Moments that we need passing everyday
Until we fall into the grave

In this life we can’t choose
When we win, when we lose
This mirror we call fate
Only shows what we create

Too little have we obeyed, will we reach the gates?
Can we cure senseless hate, before we leave this stage?
We’re taught to trust a higher power
Will we find peace or are we lost?

We will wait
We can stay
Make our moments here last and never fade
Until we fall into the grave
Track Name: Face the Day
Something brings me down and I raise my voice
I know the rage inside won’t contain the noise
Losing faith can liberate your choice
Never silence the beast it will bite back

Breaking points are meant to be destroyed
Breathe it out and counteract the flow

If I’m still here with you
Then I’ll never go

Nothing breaks my heart as much as this
Feeling the distance building through this shit
Gaining your trust can prove to be a bitch
Always think twice before you speak

Treading through these points of silence
Will only test the power of our resilience

If I’m still here with you
Then I’ll never go
We’ll face the day
Where we may fall apart

We won’t turn away, we know it in our hearts
Tough times will come, rough times have passed
The sun peaks through the overcast

Awake at night I think I might be losing it
My fight my rage you think I must be choosing this
I can’t explain why I am seeming different